4 Ways to Prevent Flood Damage This Winter

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Colder temperatures mean that there’s an increased risk of frozen and broken pipes in your home. If a pipe breaks, you could have a major flood to deal with, and the results can be both costly and incredibly damaging.

4 Ways to Prevent Flood Damage This Winter

Although you can’t control Mother Nature, flood damage doesn’t have to be inevitable this winter. Here are a few steps you can take to prevent flood damage to your home this winter:

  • Seal your basement walls and floors. If you have a basement, properly seal your walls and floors to prevent water intrusion in the event of a flood. Do your research and use waterproofing materials and coatings when completing this project.
  • Install backflow valves. During a flood, there’s always a chance that sewage can back into your home. To avoid this unpleasant experience from happening, consider installing backflow valves on your sewer lines to keep sewage where it belongs during a flood.
  • Make landscaping modifications. Adjust your landscaping so it directs water away from your home’s foundation instead of allowing water to pool around your house. You may need to use berms, swales, and different grading methods to redirect the flow of water.
  • Keep flood barriers on hand. You never know when a flood could happen, so always have a stash of flood barriers and sandbags available for temporary flood protection. These items can be used to create barriers around vulnerable areas in the event of a flood.

If your home does fall victim to flood damage, know we are always here and waiting to help. Call us after your home sustains water damage, and we will dispatch our crew to come and help you take care of the damage and restore your living spaces.