How to Prevent Mold in Your House

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There are a number of issues homeowners may face in their homes. Having mold in your house, for example, can threaten your home’s integrity and your family’s well-being. The structural stability of wooden supports and other parts of your house can be affected by mold growth, and you and your loved ones can get very sick from those same mold spores.

How to Prevent Mold in Your House

Prevention is key, so here are some of the best tips for preventing mold in your house.

  • Keep things dry. Standing water or damp areas of the home should be addressed as soon as you notice them. Mold grows in the presence of moisture, so if you have a leaky pipe or damp carpeting, take care of those issues immediately.
  • Control humidity levels. Excess humidity invites mold in the house, but there are things to do to control this humidity. For example, a dehumidifier can control the level of moisture in your air, increasing the indoor air quality in the process. You can also turn on vent fans in the kitchen or bathroom to help ventilate the area.
  • Call professional mold experts. No one knows the signs of mold growth and how to take care of them like our team of professionals here at AdvantaClean of Cabarrus and Rowan Counties. We’ll inspect your home for mold, and if we find any, we’ll remove it so you can breathe in clean, mold-free air.

If you suspect you have a mold in your house, it’s better to call us sooner rather than later, so for all of your mold-related concerns, reach out to us today.